Clinical Quality Improved

Melius Outcomes


Quality of care is a significant problem in the US today.  

Nearly all hospitals have implemented a form of EHR to satisfy reporting needs. Despite having these systems, hospitals are still struggling to satisfy quality improvement mandates (e.g., Affordable Care Act, Value-Based Purchasing).   The founders of Melius set out to overcome the lack of accurate data, non-intuitive reports and training that was not targeted or integrated. 

The team developed a solution to capture and cleanse data from a hospital’s EHR, display it intuitively to highlight quality issues and then provide actionable recommendations and associated training modules. 

The Melius Team


Deep Clinical, Research and Technology Experience

AkkeNeel Talsma, PhD, RN, FAAN – Founder / CEO - 20 years of clinical performance improvement expertise and noted international speaker on quality/safety 

Cathy Kleiner, PhD, RN, CNS – Co-Founder / Head of Clinical Quality - 20 years of experience as an OR nurse and as a leader in program/product development and quality improvement 

Melissa Bathish, PhD, RN, PNP - Co-Founder / Head of Learning and Development - 10 years of experience in clinical education and research; advanced practice registered nurse and research specialist  

Brenda Jones, MBA – Chief Operating Officer - 20 years of executive leadership experience in healthcare innovation and IT professional services/operations  

Clinical Quality Improved


* Quality, Implementation and Evaluation; Talsma et al. (2014) WJNR


The Melius Impact

Save Costs

Increase Reimbursements

Improve Patient Outcomes


Our Hospitals' Results

  50% reduction of sepsis 

30% reduction of pressure ulcers 

20% reduction of surgical site infections  

Melius Outcomes Solution


  • Intuitive quality improvement reports
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Targeted training videos to address quality issues
  • Quality improvement consultation

The Melius Advantage


  • Cloud-based – no software to install
  • No extra data to capture – uses existing EHR data
  • Easy to implement – minimal IT work
  • Based on 20 years of clinical research
  • Works with any EHR

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